Hungry for a better burger?

Learn how to produce a more tender, better eating burger.

Bernd Mense.
Master Butcher.
Burger Guru.

Q&A with Bernd Mense, Master Butcher and Application Specialist at Reiser. Bernd talks about burger production and how processors can improve their burgers.

The Burger Principal


Burger Trends

People just love their burgers, but many are looking for
something more than a “traditional” item. Read our E-zine to
learn what burger trends are hot and what you can do to
capture your share of this valuable business.

Vemag FM250 Gourmet Patty Forming System from Reiser

  • Vemag FM250 uses gentle, low-pressure forming to produce more tender, better eating burgers
  • High-speed system produces exact-weight patties with a hand-made appearance
  • Vemag Process Check monitors individual patty weights and automatically adjusts the stuffer – ensuring uniform weights and reduced giveaway
  • Quick changeovers from one patty shape or size to another

Watch the
Vermag FM250 in action.

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