When it comes to sausage production, equal weights are great.
Learn why equal weights and equal lengths are even better.


Sausage: Size Does Matter



Master Butcher.

Q&A with Stefan Neumann, Master Butcher and Meat Specialist at Reiser. Stefan talks about sausage production and how processors can improve both their process and their portioning to produce higher quality sausage products.

Improving your sausage quality.

You’ve developed the perfect sausage recipe, but to ensure success, you’ll need perfect processing and perfect portioning. Read our e-zine for tips on how to produce a higher quality sausage and why precise weights and lengths are so important to profitability.


Vemag 500 Sausage Stuffing and Linking System from Reiser

  • Economical solution to greatly increase your production of fresh sausage
  • Proven Vemag 500 sets the standards for product quality, portioning accuracy, reliable production, sanitation and a low cost of ownership
  • Patented LPV802 casing holder produces links with exact lengths, weights and diameters
  • Produces all types of sausage products in natural, collagen or cellulose casings
  • Vemag TM203 precisely cuts sausage strands into individual links

Watch the Vemag 500
Sausage Stuffer in action.

Talk with our
Sausage Specialists.

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