Buns and Rolls - how to keep pace in this fast-changing market

Buns and Rolls - how to keep pace in this fast-changing market

Versatile dough dividing equipment helps bakers remain innovative and succeed in the fast-changing bun and roll market.


The importance of versatility.


John Kirkpatrick.
Bakery Specialist.
Buns and
Rolls Expert.

Q&A with John Kirkpatrick, Bakery Specialist at Reiser. John explains the steps bakers can take to improve the quality of their buns and rolls, and at the same time keep pace with fast-changing markets, trends and customer requirements. READ MORE

Adding versatilty to your
buns and roll line.

Consumer tastes change and trends are guaranteed to come and go, making flexibility and innovation the new norm in the buns and rolls category. Read our E-zine for tips on how bakers can maximize efficiencies using flexible and versatile equipment.


Produce an entire line of buns and rolls with a single Vemag dough divider.

Vemag Buns and Rolls Dough Divider

  • Unmatched versatility allows easy, high-speed production of a wide range of buns and rolls
  • Superior product quality
  • Unmatched scaling accuracy
  • Easily adjustable to precisely scale a wide range of portion sizes
  • Produces a variety of crumb structures
  • Handles absorption rates from 45% to 95%
  • Single-lane and multi-lane solutions
  • No divider oil
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean

Watch the Vemag
Dough Divider in action.

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