Hit Your Injection Targets and Minimize Process Variation

Learn how to overcome clogged needles and ensure injection accuracy and process uniformity – all day, every day.


Injection: Achieving consistency.


Scott Steinman.

Q&A with Scott Steinman, Application Specialist at Reiser. Scott discusses injection and the various steps meat processors can take to minimize process variation and ensure uniform results.

Improving product quality, accuracy and consistency in your injection line.

What steps can you take to ensure consistent pump levels, product quality
and product yields all day long? How can you eliminate clogged needles
and declining yields? Read our E-zine for tips on how to improve your
injection process… and your injected product.


Improve your product quality, consistency and yields with Fomaco Injectors.

Fomaco Injectors

  • Fomaco Injectors provide the highest levels of injection accuracy, product uniformity and yields
  • Engineered to eliminate clogged needles, enabling processors to hit injection targets all day long without adjusting pump pressure or stopping to clean filter screens
  • Unique “pump-to-pipe” system ensures uniform brine flow to each needle
  • Individual stripper feet align to the contour of the product, holding it in position for a consistent needle pattern
  • Wide range of brine filtration systems – self-cleaning FM80, PFS Rotary Filter and CBF Belt Filter – eliminate clogged needles and declining yields

“Pump-to-pipe” brine delivery

Fomaco’s unique “pump-to-pipe” system ensures uniform brine flow and distribution to each needle. Constant pressure is maintained as the brine flows from the pump to the needles through pipes with continuously decreasing diameters.

Individual stripper feet

Individual stripper feet align to the contour of the product, holding it in position for a consistent needle pattern with uniform injection. Each foot triggers an individual valve so that brine flows only when the foot is in contact with the product.

CBF 500 Continuous Belt Filter

The CBF 500 is a saddle tank designed to collect, filter, condition and re-use the return brine from the Fomaco injector. It has a mesh filter on the belt and automatically pre-filters the return brine with no operator intervention, improving production output and consistency.

FM80 Self-Cleaning Filter

The self-cleaning FM80 Filter minimizes brine flow restrictions and pressure drops, as well as clogged needles and declining yields. Eliminates operator involvement, pump pressure adjustments and manual cleaning of filter screens.

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